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Full Time / Part Time

Job Description

The Paramedic will administer advanced life support care to sick and injured persons in pre-hospital settings as authorized and directed by the WV state protocols and GCEAS policy/procedures. The Paramedic is the highest level of care in the emergency pre-hospital setting. They administer advanced interventions, procedures, and patient care. Paramedics must be able to deal with emergency situations in a calm and professional manner. As a Paramedic, you may encounter serious situations such as motor vehicle accidents, cardiac arrests, strokes, diabetic issues, traumatic injuries, etc. The Paramedic must be knowledgeable in the WV state protocols/procedures and scope of practice. Paramedics must possess the physical capabilities to lift, carry, and move patients safely.

Aside from providing patient care, the Paramedic is expected to drive the ambulance on emergencies and medical transports; complete appropriate GCEAS paperwork; attend mandatory in-service training classes; operate radios; and refuel, restock, and clean the ambulances. Paramedics should have the willingness to learn from others and continue their education. The Paramedic is responsible for obtaining and maintaining the required certifications to fulfill this role.


  • Must be at least 18 years old

  • Must possess a valid driver's license

  • Must have a WV state approved EVOC completion certificate

  • Must be certified in basic CPR

  • Must possess ACLS, PALS/PEPP, PHTLS certifications

  • Must possess a NREMT-P or National Registry SLO certification

  • Must possess a WV state Paramedic certification card

  • Must be able to lift/carry a minimum of 125lbs alone, and an equally distributed 250lbs with assistance, for a distance of 10 feet

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